Companies that are looking to stamp their business footprint on a global market will need to transform their content and marketing techniques to relate to the global audience. You might have a great website with all the apt information needed to attract the target global audience. But what if the language they follow is different from the one your website follows? You can’t expect all countries to understand and interpret the language your website is based on. English is not followed by many countries. You have business professionals who are more proficient in Spanish and Italian than English. What if you are building a website for your client and the business wants the website to be translated to 5 other languages depending on the needs of the website visitors? The white label website builder SiteGalore has got you covered. It supports 10 languages on the whole and helps you build websites that cater to the global audience.

Many businesses continue to have faith in the power of English Language to reach other countries and populations. This belief is not always true! Even in countries where English is known to an extent, they have a marked preference for content in the mother tongue. This is where the Google language translate function of the website builder reseller program SiteGalore comes in handy for several businesses.

Let’s take a look at few of the benefits of website language translation and you can decide as to what value it can bring to your business.

70% of the world doesn’t speak English

English isn’t the most popular and widely spoken language in the world. Spanish is more profoundly spoken than English when considering the global picture. To put the statistics in terms of business relations, 70% of the world doesn’t speak English yet 57% of websites contain just English. Statistics also suggest that 83% of Internet users prefer choosing their own language if a choice is provided.

Translation can bring in more Traffic

What would you do if you come across a website that contains information in a language that is alien to you? Even if the website looks crisp with striking images, you would still be forced to turn to another website that provides information in your language. If you find a website that provides great information in the language you opt for you will definitely refer the site to others thereby leading to more website visits. More the number of visits more will be the conversion ratio.

Ability to Reach new Audience

With websites carrying the functionality to translate their website content to the language preferred by the website visitors, you never know where your visitors come from. This can translate into leads and conversions depending on your way of approach.

White label website builder SiteGalore helps website builder resellers to build websites for their clients and add language translation functionality to cater to the worldwide audience. You have lots of other goodies and add-ons available that helps white label website reseller to create websites for different customers.