SiteGalore’s White Label website Builder program enables service providers to offer do-it-yourself website builder to their end users. You can have full access to White Label website Builder, you can offer your clients with fully responsive websites with your custom private branding and color theme. SiteGalore offers hosting plan for the clients to host their websites in our server.

The hosting service providers can offer their own hosting to their clients. Your customers will be able to login to the website builder account in your white label website builder from a customized white label login that has your own company’s private branded feature. The end users can login to their website builder account using our application with your company logo and name on it. The dashboard will be white labelled in your company name. You can customize the entire application with your company details. The entire SiteGalore application is responsive in nature. You can edit your website with the mobile, and tablet devices. The admin control panel provides you with the Auto-email settings. You can set standard emails to your clients after successful payment, you can send a different email when a new user has been activated. Automated emails can be sent to the end users on various scenarios.

Everything in the SiteGalore platform can be placed under your own private brand, providing you and your customers with tools to make website. The end user summary dashboard is available in the admin control panel. End-User summary gives you a overview of the packs available in your website builder and the number of users activate and deactivated per month. You can simple add your own company’s theme color and the logo to the SiteGalore white label editor at the same time your customers can edit their own websites without knowing them that your website builder is from SiteGalore.

Your customer website traffic can be tracked and user engagement can be analyzed based on the data accessible through the admin control panel dashboard. Google analytics can also be integrated to the user website for analysis of the website traffic. You don’t have to wait for your client’s content again with the ready-made content feature available in SiteGalore, you can create their perfect website. Your clients can manager their website builder account themselves they can publish it anytime anywhere. SiteGalore application always adopted the mobile best practices and won many awards for maintaining the standards. SiteGalore’s API the resellers can automate the website creation which saves a lot of time. Resellers can offer their clients with customized website builder plans according to your requirement. SiteGalore offers many amazing and flexible features for their clients.