Everything in this world undergoes change. Name any industry and you cannot oversee the changes it has undergone in recent times. Thanks to science and technology for making our lives more simple. Even if a company decides to stay away from advancements or redesign, they will sooner be dragged into it due to competition. If a company needs to stay ahead and relevant to the competition, they need to stay aware of recent trends and try adapting them to the business. This should most ideally start with a website redesign!

Here are few vital points you need to consider before preparing yourself for a website redesign:

Strategize Before Planning

To successfully plan your website redesign, you first need to think about what you want to accomplish by redesigning the website. Do you want to modernise your website, update the structure and content or just add some additional functionality? Once the end goal is finalised, start working on strategies that would help achieve the ultimate goal. A clear idea on how you are going to go about with the website redesign can make the process worthwhile. 

Audit your Current Website 

Before jumping to the actionable part, it is necessary that the current website is audited. Make a list of what you have already on your website and what content you want to use again. Make an extensive list of what needs to go and what needs to be redone. Check analytics data of your website and make note of pages that contribute to higher engagement and those that contribute to higher bounce rates.

Do an Extensive Competitor Analysis

It is always good to look out for ideas. Copying isn’t ethical but gaining inspiration and blending it into our business is ideal and much necessary. Look at what your competitors are doing. Be it their website structure or their content flow, gain inspiration from it and design your website using the ideas you have gained. 

Gone are the days when you create a website by hiring a technical expertise. All you need now is a white label website builder to get your website done. Building a website using a private label website builder not only consumes less time but serves as a cost-effective solution. Getting back to the topic of a website redesign, you can do it pretty easily in a website built using a website builder reseller program. Hiring a website developer to redesign your website is a time-consuming task. 

If you are website builder reseller looking to redesign your client’s website make sure you take note of the above-discussed points. A website builder for reseller shouldn’t just serve as a tool to build a website. It should also help the reseller redesign the entire website when needed.