Over the past few years, the dominance of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram has skyrocketed. People tend to spend more on these platforms than interacting with fellow human beings. Putting aside the entertainment aspect, how has this trend fared for Businesses? Statistics suggest that there are over 40 million business pages on Facebook. Creating a Facebook page is absolutely free and it has a wide range of options in narrowing down the gap between customers and businesses. On the other side, you see companies investing a hell lot of money to build more and more modern websites. While the dominance of Facebook is unquestionable, has it really dethroned presence of a website?

What a website does that a Facebook Business Page doesn’t?

A business website has its own domain that represents and strengthens the brand. It brings in the factor of credibility and trust in the minds of customers. Following techniques such as Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing, you can bring your website right on top of search rankings. This makes it easier for people to search for and reach your business. Google SEO and SEM/PPC can be done only on your website. To realise better value for your PPC campaigns, you need an SEO-friendly website. Building a website is far easier than creating a website. You can easily build a website using an effective white label website builder platform. 

A private label website builder helps build websites that are SEO-friendly. These website builders also come with tons of designs which make website building process a breezy affair. While Facebook provides you with a basic layout with lesser room for tweaks, a website builder reseller program lets you do “out of the box” things. The website can be fully customised according to the needs and desires of the client. You have unlimited options to play with the visual design and personalisation. 

A website provides the space to create individual pages for each and every division. You can list clients, include images, videos and include a blog section that explains about advancements related to the business as well as industry. The modern-day website builder platforms come with an image editor. The image editor lets users edit images and save them in the gallery. These images can be used on the website whenever required. 

Apart from simple reasons that a Facebook business page is free and easy to create, the website plays a key role in every other aspect. If you are a website builder reseller looking to build websites for your clients, make sure you keep a mark on the above-mentioned points. There are lots of goodies and customisation options that make website building an easier task.