Today, having a website is as crucial as having a physical office or store for a business. Without a website, a business is almost invisible to the vast majority. Researches suggest that 6 out of 10 customers expect brands to have an online presence. What better way to stamp your online presence than having an attractive website. Building a website has become an easy task now. With a white label website builder, a website builder reseller can build a website for a business in a shorter time frame. Here are a few striking reasons which stamp the importance of a website:

24/7 Online Presence

An office or store has an open and close time. What if a customer or prospect wants to get in touch with you or seek information about your business? This is where a website means a lot. Having a website paves way for customers to find a business – anytime and anywhere. Even outside business hours, a company will be able to find and secure new customers. Since most businesses are moving to the online space, the lack of a website can drop your chances of getting new businesses.

Repository of Information

A website provides a quick and easy way of communicating several key information. The opening hours, contact information, contact forms, images of the location and products and so on. The modern-day private label website builder comes with an inbuilt image editor which makes it easier for businesses to edit images and upload it onto the website. It also provides the means to add the google maps location of the company. Customers can by no way miss the location of the company when the Google Maps location and Driving Navigations are provided. A website builder reseller platform comes with the ability to add captcha forms. This encourages more enquiries and at the same time avoids spam actions.


In the digital era, customers expect each and every reputable company to have a website. With a website comes confidence among customers regarding the products and the brand as a whole. This is a general human tendency. Whenever we come across a new product, we would want to know more about the brand and company details. In that situation, the absence of a website can create a negative influence over the product.

Market Expansion

As a business website is accessible to anyone across the world and at any point of time, the ability to breakthrough geographical barriers has become a lot easier. Anyone from any country will now be able to find your company and can become your potential customer. 

If you are on the watch for a website builder for reseller, make sure you pick the best possible platform. As a reseller, you will have to work with clients of diverse businesses and complex requirements which only an advanced website builder will be able to provide.