SiteGalore white label website builder is the best online responsive website builder that helps you to get search engine traffic through Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization so that the website designed using SiteGalore gets traffic quickly. Good SEO is very important that must be built into a web platform from the basic level and should cover every aspect of the website design. Your website should load quickly and the speed to HTML structure should be good. SiteGalore is a pure HTML based online website builder. Your website content should be free from plagiarism. Learning to create search engine optimization (SEO) tool is very tedious task hence the solution to this problem is in-built SEO software like SiteGalore. SiteGalore takes care of all the SEO aspects. Websites designed using SiteGalore are SEO friendly.

SiteGalore comes up with latest responsive designs which has the best underlying SEO software. Your website needs to be visible over a considerable period of time in search engine result pages for there to be ample organic traffic to sustain its success. This is only possible when your website is SEO ready right from the beginning so that there are not much corrections. A website builder application like SiteGalore can give wings to your website with its features. It is very important to assess and evaluate a website builder in terms of features and functions. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a desirable function.

SiteGalore reseller website builder contains built-in features that is flexible to customize it. Any average SEO friendly page must have the following given below

  • H1 Heading tag, Meta Title tags
  • Meta description (& keywords if necessary)
  • SEO friendly URL
  • Image names
  • Image descriptions
  • Canonical tags
  • Mobile responsive designs

In addition, SiteGalore private label website builder also have a sitemap file to help search engines pick up new, changed or deleted pages on the site. Your website should be combined with useful and interesting content. Your website rank in Google depends upon quality and relevance of back links and referrals. SiteGalore designed websites highly configurable and responsive in all type of devices. SiteGalore offers mobile support features that mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor for search. There are two types of classes in SiteGalore one focuses on professional & another on personal sites. Your webdesign and content needs to be build in accordance with the specific type of websites like a e-commerce website. You can setup a free website builder for 1 month free trial on a top SEO platform for eCommerce using SiteGalore and build your own online store using the latest cutting edge technology that makes it cheap and easy to start selling products online.

SiteGalore responsive website builder gives the option to enter your competitive keywords importance for search engines. Meta description is another important factor to list your website in the top searches of any top search engine. Configuring these options gets you good score for your website to be listed in the search engines. It is also very important to maintain a high quality of unique text in all the pages of your website. If your website pages have low or little content then the search engine ranking of your website. SiteGalore also gives you an option to upload images with Alt tag. Overall SiteGalore covers all most all attributes that are important to list your website in the first page of the top search engines.