A user friendly and well designed website is one of the biggest treasure that adds value to your business. Online presence is very important for any company to acquire big clients from all over the world. SiteGalore is the best online website builder that’s designed perfectly according to the individual business needs. Do-it-yourself website builder are very popular among the internet users due the vast coverage of internet. Internet access is much faster and more reliable its reach to the audience is very huge.

SiteGalore is an internet based website designing tool that allowed novice users to build professional websites in very short period of time. Within 2 to 4 hours of time you can design a stunning and fully functional website. SiteGalore comes up with easy options to add new content images, text and multimedia content through a user-friendly interface. SiteGalore is suitable for hosting service providers, telecom giants, individuals, freelancers, photographers and start-up businesses. The service providers can offer SiteGalore as a value added service to their customers.

SiteGalore application helps your customers build fully fledged websites quickly. Your customer can be charged on the basis of the hosting Space and the number of pages specified with a particular plan. The conventional content management systems are created to handle large websites. Online website builders are designed keeping smaller website projects in mind. The main advantage of online website builder SiteGalore is that the users doesn’t require much of technical programming skills. You don’t have to install any software or plugins to use SiteGalore. Incorporating any changes to the website’s design or templates is very easier while adding content can be modified on the go using a mobile device. SiteGalore also provide 100% white label website builder solution for resellers.

Advantages of Using SiteGalore

1) Reduced Cost – Using a SiteGalore reduces the cost of developing and maintaining a website significantly.
No Coding – With a SiteGalore, you doesn’t require any HTML knowledge or any other computer programming language coding. Choose any of the templates to develop a website that fits the business perfectly.

2) High Quality Graphics – SiteGalore gives you access to high-quality website graphics which can be used at no additional cost. These template graphics can be used to enhance the website pages thereby making the site more attractive for visitors.

3) Ease of use – SiteGalore offer a drag and drop facility, which means the user need not write a new code every time for every change he wishes to make to the website. It thus gives the user the ability to upgrade content and images very easily.

4) What you see is what you get (WYSWYG): With SiteGalore’s ready-made templates, you don’t have to worry about how your website will look like after its completed, whether your requirements will be fulfilled or not. The website template can be customized as per your requirements by changing the colors, pictures and text so that it ends up looking quite different from the original.

5) Speed: Time is money. Your website can be designed within a fraction of time if you have the content ready with you. All the images and text should be ready so that you can upload the content immediately. It only takes a few minutes to customize your website with the templates of your choice.

6) Cost: You can own an attractive, professionally-designed website for as little as $149.99 USD per year. whereas a custom-designed website could cost you anything up to $5,000. You have to depend of the designer to publish your website. In SiteGalore you have access to large numbers of free templates and functionality, and you will also get the customer support you need to design your website.

8) Looks: The design templates designed by professional designers at SiteGalore gives aesthetic look and attracts visitors to your website. You can access to topnotch design quality without having to pay for custom design. You can browse around and choose from thousands of attractive web template designs in SiteGalore. High quality templates are offered by SiteGalore than others.

9) Functionality: Beautifully designed website templates in SiteGalore comes with pre-loaded standard pages like ‘Home’, ‘About Us’, ‘Services’, and ‘Contact Us’. SiteGalore gives you templates with add-on features to showcase a portfolio/photo gallery, or communication/community networking features like a blog, Guest page. SiteGalore offers complex website templates and e-commerce platform with dynamic features like online ordering, payment gateway integration. All these features will require back-end support and SiteGalore provides 24 x 7 customer support in order to function properly.

10) Navigation: The look of your website design template is only half the story. The users should be able to navigate easily through your website to find the content he’s looking for? The navigation links should be consistent throughout the site. Your website must make the users to spend more time on your website. Your website templates give you a feel for the navigation of your site and get the information he is been looking for.