Using a form page in a website helps the users get in touch without exposing their email address. A contact form page can be created in SiteGalore website for an event by adding some drop down or checkbox fields to the form. Form pages in SiteGalore are responsive, mobile-friendly forms and works flawlessly on any device. You can receive instant email notifications through form pages. SiteGalore offers two types of form pages. Simple form page and Advanced form page. In the advanced form page you can make fields mandatory.

The advantages of using a form page in your website is that you don’t have to request for the same information from your clients again and again whenever they send you an email. The other benefit of using a contact form instead of providing an email address is that spammers are not able to flood your inbox with junk emails easily. Its very safer from any email virus attack. When you have information that is consistent then your business runs more smoothly. Contact forms help you to stay organized by consistently providing you with the same information in the same way.

When the users visit the form page in a website designed by using SiteGalore application the form page are auto-populated with their information. You can read all the feedback sent by the visitors to your website in your email inbox sent through your contact form.

Form pages are customizable. You can add or remove fields according to your requirement. You can also change the email address or you can have multiple email address in the form page. You can also edit an existing form page and change the text field, radio button and drop down lists. You can have multiple form pages in a website. Emails are not secure hence we do not recommend to use contact forms for sensitive information like credit card numbers, as the information will be transmitted by email. Our white label website builder solution also comes with advanced form page feature. To know more about SiteGalore end user feature.

Each field requires a label and a field type. You can choose among the following field types:

  • Checkbox: A checkbox allows the user to tick a box to make a choice
  • Dropdown: Creates a dropdown of options
  • Text field: Requires an email address format
  • Radio Button: Similar to the checkbox field type
  • Text: A single line of text
  • Text Area: several multiple lines of text

To add a contact form in SiteGalore follow the below given steps:-

  • Login to your website builder account.
  • Add a new page ‘Add a New Page’.
  • Edit the newly added page in the website manager.
  • Select the option ‘No, I want to change the Text Page to a different type of page like Form, Shop, Photo Album, Guest Book, etc’.
  • Choose the radio button ‘Form Page’.
  • Click on the ‘submit’ button.
  • Select from the two option ‘Simple Form’ or ‘Advanced Form’.
  • Enter the ‘field name’ for the form page.
  • Select ‘field type’ for each ‘field name’.
  • If you want to create ‘checkbox’, ‘radio button’ or ‘pull down’ field types for ‘field names’ then you must provide with the number of options.
  • After entering the information for all the fields click on the ‘Submit’ button.