SiteGalore, Most Comprehensive White Label Website Builder Since 2001, announced today that the Highly Successful Online Private Branded Website Building Service is now supported by its Android App also. SiteGalore users can now start Building, Editing & Publishing their website using their Android devices. This provides the users the flexibility to maintain their website on the go.

“We wanted to create a Website Building Service that would help anyone build websites using their mobile devices”, said SiteGalore’s Vice President Vijay – Product Development. . “With mobile usage on the rise, a Mobile compatible Website Builder makes better sense. This step is to provide our users the flexibility, no matter where they are. Professional Website Designers, Hosting Companies & Entrepreneurs use SiteGalore as a Highly Successful Online Private Branded Website Building Service offering to their Clients.”

In today’s world, Mobile is as important as the desktops when it comes to the internet usage. While internet usage using mobiles is comparatively low in developed countries like Germany (30%), the U.K. (35%) and the U.S. (37%), the same is high in emerging markets like China (57%), Indonesia (72%) and India (79%).

“Google’s Android is now the internet’s most used operating system and not Windows”, a report claims. According to the finding, for the first time, more internet users are using Android than Windows for internet usage. In early 2017, while roughly 37.91% of the internet users use Windows operating system, 37.93% of them use Google’s Android. The difference is just a minuscule but it is the culmination of what has been the trend for the past two years.

With the continued growth of smartphones sales worldwide, the lion’s share of internet users has gone to Android operating system. Most of the Growth is happening in emerging markets like India. While Android has taken 90% of smartphones sales there, Apple has also increased its sales but still remains a niche player. “Based on its vast dominance in the emerging world, Android app earnings is likely to overtake iOS for the first time”, the report also says. That would be another important milestone in 2017.

Hence, website owners are under increasing pressure to offer a consistent website experience, regardless of the device that people are using. Over one-third (35.6%) of visitors to websites all over the world arrive via a mobile device. The websites made using SiteGalore Website Builder are Mobile Responsive and have a consistent look and feel on every device, from smart phones to tablets to desktops.

Existing clients of SiteGalore’s Highly Successful Online Private Branded Website Building Service also can easily update their Service to let their users manage websites using the Android App as well. New clients will straightaway start offering the Android App also to their users.

With the latest release of Android App for its Website Builder Application, SiteGalore continues its innovation since 2001. SiteGalore’s Highly Successful Online Browser Based Website Building Service is totally Mobile compatible to let users build and edit a complete website on-the-go even without an Android App.

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