Building websites using an online white label website builder should include features that are advanced or at least similar to the ones found in custom designed websites. White label website reseller would prefer website builders to have the maximum features and options available so that they can meet the demands of different customers. One of the key features that most companies would want on their website is the form filling option. Forms are important to any business. Website visitors who are interested in a company’s products or services can leave their details in the form section. Companies will get notified in their mailbox immediately when a form is filled. For service-oriented companies, customers prefer the service providers to get back to them and within a shorter time span.

Forms play an important role to keep companies informed about the list of customers who are interested in the business offerings and particularly what product or service. In the forms section, you can include a drop down list segregating the various products and services. Customers while filling the form can also add which product or service they are interested in. So, when a business goes through the forms, they will be informed as to what the customer is expecting out of them. For example, you are running a tuition center. Interested students who visit your website can fill in the form and also mention the subject which they would want guidance for. When you make a call, you can be well-prepared as to what you need to discuss with that student.

SiteGalore is a website builder reseller program which helps resellers build websites that best suit their customer’s requirements. Forms are definitely one among the many requirements that a business would have. SiteGalore not only lets you create forms but also includes file attachment and captcha option along with it. The main advantage of using a Captcha function along with your forms is that you can filter out the spam submissions. You get a professional form validation wherein you get the information you have requested for, and at the same time, you can limit the number of submissions from the same IP.

A white label website reseller would at times prefer additional information from the prospect’s side. A form builder that has the option to attach files would suffice the requirement. For example, you require a software solution from a business. And if you feel you should include few reference files for the service provider to know more about you, you can do it with the file attachment option available in the form builder.

SiteGalore is a white label website builder that helps resellers build the website their customer wants. Website builder resellers can now create forms for their clients with file attachment as well as captcha function. There are lots of other goodies that come with SiteGalore that are worth checking out. Visit SiteGalore and make the most out of the website builder reseller program.