SiteGalore is a white label website builder that helps resellers build websites for their clients. The convenience of working with online website builder reseller program is that there are lots of design templates available and you can pick the most suitable one for your client’s business. However, the real issue arises when your client prefers a particular website design template but wants the layout to be changed. Most website builders don’t support personalization and therefore you are left with what is out of the box. SiteGalore, however, helps you make changes to the layouts within a design template.

The most common reason for a change in layout is to make the website look more visually pleasing and make options easily identifiable. For example, on a blogging website, you will have layouts in different places. These layouts would contain information on recent blogs, monthly wise content, most commented blogs or links to other relevant websites. If you want to place the layout containing recently written blogs placed on the right top corner to encourage viewers to click on those links, you can do that. You can simply drag and drop the layout wherever you want. In addition to this, you also have the option to format the layout and the supporting text. You can add fonts of different colors, sizes, and types. This can be used to differentiate one layout from another.

What makes one website builder better than the other is the level of customizability. And for resellers, customizability is what makes them serve different clients effectively. For example, the website design and layout that a software company would want and the website that a transport agency would want are entirely different. In turn, the changes that the company would want in a particular design template is beyond limits. Each client would love to differ and it begins right from building a website. The requirements that he sets to a website builder reseller would be anything. But the ability to enact those changes and customize as per requirements will determine the value of any white label website builder. And with tons of website designs and templates catering to diverse businesses and the ability to customize within templates, SiteGalore brings in a lot of differentiating features to work with.

All the website designs and templates that are part of SiteGalore are optimized across all devices and browsers. You can view the websites conveniently on a mobile, tablet or a desktop computer. However, if your client wants a particular layout to be switched to a different space as it would look better on mobile devices, this is where SiteGalore’s option of playing with different page layouts and web page formatting comes of great use. You have got loads of goodies and Add-ons as part of the site builder VAS. SiteGalore is an efficient white label website builder that helps website builder resellers to build professional websites for their clients with the maximum level of customizability. Visit SiteGalore and open New horizons for building websites for your clients.