Each and every white label website builder is unique in its own ways. It is the website design templates, user-friendliness, and the list of features that make one website builder reseller program better than the other. Resellers will want a control panel where they can access these features in an easier way. People opt for website builders just because it takes lesser time to build a website. Moreover, the technical expertise needed to build a website using a white label website builder is absolutely none.

SiteGalore is a website builder reseller program that comes with a lot of features and goodies that make it one of the best options for building websites for website builder resellers. SiteGalore not only provides Goodies to improve your website building, it also provides you with a description of each option so that you can understand the functionality of each and every goodie. ┬áThis comes of great help as most website builder reseller won’t be knowing the utility for certain goodies.

SiteGalore provides resellers with a lot of goodies that makes website creation all the more intuitive. You have an image editor option available under the goodies section of control panel. This image editor helps you make any sort of enhancement or corrections to your image. You can also save these images in a gallery that is provided in the image editor itself. What all can be done in an image editor is mentioned under Image Editor option, so you will know what you can expect from this tool. There is an “Add” button present at the bottom of the option which helps you immediately add this goodie to the website.

Monitor Website Traffic is another Goodie which provides companies with details on their website traffic. This is more useful because it helps businesses understand where their business is coming from. They analyse their website traffic in terms of who is visiting their websites, from which region, which device, which browser and also the time of visits. This helps you streamline your marketing activities in a more definite direction. White label website reseller won’t be aware of what all functions an Analytics tool can do. The simple and clear description below the “Monitor website traffic” option helps website builder resellers to understand what all analytics data they can obtain by adding this option to the website.

Password Protect pages is another goodie available in SiteGalore. With the description stating that you can lock certain website pages by setting passwords and providing limited access to selective visitors makes it clear for resellers as to what benefit this option provides. It is not just about the features and goodies that a website builder resellers program brings into the picture. It is the enhancement of these features and description on these features that make for easy discovery and usage. SiteGalore is a white label website builder that helps resellers build any type of website for their clients. With lots of goodies available in SiteGalore, website building becomes an easier task.