Website building has become a freelancing option for people looking to make a business of their own. There are plenty of reseller website builder on the market right now. What makes one white label website builder different from another is the list of features and goodies that come with the package. But there is one more important aspect of website building that resellers would love to have – customizability and freedom of use. Customizability refers to the level of editing that customers will be able to do in the already provided design template. Under “freedom of use”, comes the ability to build websites from wherever you are. If you are at home, you would prefer working on a desktop or laptop. If you are traveling, a laptop or a smartphone would help. If you are on a casual trip, a tablet could serve the purpose.

It is important that a reseller website builder provides resellers the comfort to work from any place. Customers would want corrections or additions made to their websites such as add/rename pages, change the template, link a youtube video or add a new location. And customers usually have the habit of wanting work done at the unlikeliest time. But with white label website builder helping you get the client’s work done from the comfort of your place, you no longer need to worry.

For building websites on the go, you need a website builder reseller program that provides cross-platform optimised website templates and designs to work on. Building a website using a mobile or tablet should be user-interactive and comfortable just like working on a desktop or laptop. Just like how websites should be cross-platform and browser supported, the means of editing it should also be likewise. The most common issue that mobile users face when browsing certain websites that aren’t optimised is that they have scroll through the screen to access certain menu functions. This is common even for certain white label website builder as well. As a result, editing websites on the go or building them using a smartphone becomes a tiresome task.  

According to a data released by StatCounter in late 2016, 51.3% of website visits came from a mobile device rather than traditional computing devices. If that was the case in 2016, in 2018 things would have inclined more towards the mobile side. With smartphones built with high end processors and eye-pleasing resolution, they are able to handle any graphic intensive applications and games just like that. It is therefore important to make websites optimised for mobiles and tablets as people have started buying large screen smartphones for media consumption and browsing as they are equally powerful to that of a desktop or laptop.

SiteGalore is a website builder reseller program that helps resellers build websites from any device. The admin panel and the control centre have been designed in such a way that building/editing websites using a laptop, desktop or a smartphone, all feels satisfyingly the same.