Most people uninstall an application if it asks for additional software downloads for it to run properly. Be it an image editor, a video player or a smartphone game, people just want it to work as it is. This holds true for a website builder as well. Businesses opt for a website builder just because it makes the process of website creation simple and cost-effective. White label website builder like SiteGalore help resellers create websites for their customers without any additional software being installed.

Freelancers who build websites for their customers usually work on multiple devices and different browsers. SiteGalore just requests you to login. You can edit right from your browser with absolutely no software to download or install. SiteGalore works as an effective reseller website builder as it helps in creating mobile-optimized and user intuitive websites right from your browser.

The level of functionality that a website builder brings into the picture is key to a reseller. SiteGalore helps you pick features and create a package out of it. So you can create customized packages with different sets of features and price them for multiple user segments. This helps you make a business of your own with just a browser-based control. You can also manage all your customers on a single page and you will have access to activate or deactivate users anytime.

SiteGalore also offers feature upgrades and version updates at periodic intervals ensuring that your website never becomes obsolete. You also get a 24*7 online support which helps you get your doubts and questions answered in time. There are lots of other things that you can do with efficient white label website builder. You can add several Google widgets, date and time options, guest book, spell checker and even monetize your website by linking it to an Adsense account.

SiteGalore is a Browser-based website builder for resellers which helps them build websites for customers concerned with any business. Visit SIteGalore and set up a reseller business of your own.