Most businesses would prefer websites to be simple. A space to display all the products and services is what most companies want a website for. But there are other firms that function on subscription and customer specific pages. Password Protect Pages helps you do that and much more. There are pages that are visible to the general audience and then there are pages that are visible only to people who have subscribed to the company’s website. This is more common for magazine websites where they let general visitors read just a part of an article whereas people who have subscribed to the exclusive feature can read the full article after entering the designated username and password.

Ability to provide a particular set of users with access to certain exclusive content can be achieved using “Password Protect Pages“. This password can be set for the whole website or a particular web page. Companies can also make use of this to provide classified user access to their employees. Certain employees can access particular pages that other employees cannot. This is evident in companies handling multiple projects. Certain employees will have access to a project page only concerning them. Certain companies also let their employees apply for leave and mark their attendance using this feature.

As mentioned earlier, magazine companies will find this feature more useful. They can provide special access to paying subscribers by giving them usernames and passwords. In this way, you can also send them notification emails or messages once a new content is uploaded.

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