A few years back, most of the private label website builder platforms didn’t have the features and functionalities that could replace the need for building a site through programming languages. However, things have changed drastically. You can design sites ranging from basic ones to complex ones using the features present within the white label website builder. There are very slight differences that differentiate one platform from the other when it comes to features. However, a website builder reseller looks for a platform that not only offers features but also brings in key factors like ease of use and customization into the picture. 

What’s the point in having tons of features but not finding it in a user-friendly manner?

Features, goodies and customization options should all gel in with the ease of use. This is what makes a website builder for reseller platform a breeze to use. Clients look to get their website live as quick as possible. This is one of the main reasons why most companies prefer using a website builder than opting for a professional programmer to get the site done. In order to deliver on those lines, a reseller needs to make sure that the platform complements his/her thought process. For example, if a reseller is building a site for a photographer, they need to have numerous templates to work with, in-built image editor and the ability to add images in whichever fashion they want. Now, what’s the point in having dozens of photography-related design templates, goodies, and image editor without finding it easier to discover it and use it on the site. 

Building an e-commerce site is one of the main hurdles faced by most resellers. However, the modern-day website builder platforms have the required feature set to build an advanced e-commerce website. However, there are shortcomings when it comes to customizing the site as per the requirements. This usually comes in the following ways – the number of products that can be added to the shopping cart, the payment options available and the information that can be listed under each product. As a reseller, one needs to make sure that they pick the website builder platform that lets them create e-commerce sites with maximum features and ease of use as most companies are moving towards the online mode of business. 

There is no doubt that website builders are going to get far more advanced in the years to come. But it shouldn’t sacrifice ease of use and functionalities at the cost of achieving better features. The main reason why companies rely on website builders is because of its fast turnaround and easy means to make changes, and white label website builders shouldn’t stray away from that path.