Page Speed Insights (PSI) tells users about the performance of a website on both mobile and desktop devices. It also provides suggestions as to how the website can be improved. The most common issue that turns up when submitting your site for review are high-resolution images that take a longer time to load up on devices. The score is decided upon several factors – the loading speed of the site on various kinds of devices with different internet connections and ranges. The average score of all this is what contributes to the page speed score for your site. So, what does this score mean to those resellers looking to build their business using a white label website builder?

Significance of Google Page Speed Insights score


A website builder reseller relies totally upon a private label website builder to build attractive and functional sites for their clients. Since most clients are very particular about having their websites being SEO-friendly, resellers need to pick a website builder platform that helps them meet this requirement. A reseller website builder platform shouldn’t just be offering tons of picturesque design templates, but it should also have good mobile-responsiveness and SEO-friendliness. It is the mobile-friendliness of the site and its optimization across different devices and browsers that contribute to the Google Page Speed Insights score. 

On a more practical note, in the current digital age, people don’t have the patience to wait for anything. This holds true for the loading time of a website as well. If a website takes more than 3-4 seconds to load up entirely, that person is surely going to move onto the next site in the search engine results page. In business terms, this is an opportunity lost. This is why a reseller needs to be very careful when picking the best website builder for reseller platform. Going by the likes of attractive designs and templates can cost you badly when the platform comes with less optimization across devices as well as fewer means to optimize the website.  

There are plenty of website builder platforms that give equal weightage to design templates as well as the SEO-friendliness of the site. It is these platforms that a reseller should keep an eye on. These platforms are surely going to benefit their reseller business in the long run. Do remember that the base template and design that is offered to us by the website builder platform cannot be tweaked much. It is what you get that you need to work with. Most importantly, it is these base templates that contribute to the speed of the site. So, make sure you pick a website builder platform that helps you add more meaning to your reseller business and helps you add value to your clients.