The task of building a multilingual website is demanding to say the least. It requires expert knowledge and understanding of all languages involved. Yes, English is a global language. But we also need to consider the people who don’t speak English. There are 1.2 billion native speakers in China, followed by millions of people who speak Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese and Russian just to name a few. If your website is not able to reach out to these sections of people, you will be missing out on a lot. In such a prevailing situation it only adds fuel to your dilemma about whether to have a multilingual website. The success lies not in enabling multilingualism in your website but rather how effectively it has been done.

Here are some of the reasons why your website must support multilingualism:

Reach and Presence

This enables you to reach a wider audience which helps you to address more consumers simultaneously. Having a solid SEO for your website makes sure that your business will appear in Google search for a business in any area. So, having a solid SEO and local SEO makes sure Google ranks your websites much higher and therefore gives you more opportunity on the market. Google also promotes your website to a higher rank with a solid SEO and multilingual features. This way you can enhance your reach and presence in the market. It provides you with a platform to make more money, expand your business with the same website content and help you appear in international and local searches which results in more and more clients finding you. This way you can further establish your presence from your competition and dominate the market.

Building Relationship

Multilingualism establishes a relationship with your customers. Establishing a relationship with your customers are seen as the prime factor for success for any business. Hence, having a multilingual website ensures in making sure that your company maintains a good relationship with your customers. It adds credibility to your company. Having a website for your company puts out the fact that you are transparent and trustworthy, to say the least. The multilingual features certainly add to that. Transparency and trust come when your company is out there in a public sphere that forms a good reputation. Multilingualism helps you appear better and more authentic on being searched.

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