Without a doubt, the modern-day businesses need some form of online presence. It is the general tendency of any prospects or customers to check the internet for online information when they are on the watch for any product or service. In the current age of smartphones and applications, this common routine has become more convenient. Prospects are just a search away on their smartphone to getting information about a business. However, a business needs to be present in the online space to grab the attention of the prospects. This is where the significance of a website comes in really handy. Building a website has become easier with the help of a white label website builder. A private label website builder helps website builder resellers build advanced – responsive websites for any business. However, is it really important to have a website when are there are other significant online space creators?

The number of desktops-only users has reduced significantly in the last few years. People tend to use both mobile and desktop platforms to seek information. This is why websites are still considered significant. Even though this is the age of applications, since there are a whole lot of people looking for information in their desktop system, a website can mean a lot. A website creates a unique identity for any business even if it has several applications. Applications are seen as a supporting platform to websites. Because people just search for websites on their device rather than looking for their applications in a play store or App store. People generally consider a company without a website as not so reliable. Social media profiles and applications just serve the purpose of value-addition but a website remains the core value.

The number of app downloads never tells the entire story of the business. Research suggests that an average app loses 77% of its daily active users in the first 2 days of it being installed. This number upsurges as the day count increases. Only around 30% of the apps are kept after one month and that too only when information is frequently fed to the app. Real engagement is what comes with a website. The analytics and supporting insights of the business website helps in fine-tuning the online advertisements and also content management. Google Ads are more significant for the normal search traffic than for app installs. So which platform is more important?

Having an application isn’t wrong, but solely relying on it can affect the business numbers. A website is a true identity to any business. The combination of a website and its supporting platforms like applications and social media profiles can be a powerful fusion. If you are looking for the best website builder reseller program, make sure you pick the best reseller website builder that is feature-packed and future proof.