Having a website for your business is important in the current digital world. But there is one important thing your business should consider while building a website – Making it Mobile-Friendly. Statistics suggest that there are over 4.68 billion mobile phone users in the world right now. And you never know where your customers reach you from. It is therefore important that websites are made accessible for all devices. All websites that are built using an effective white label website builder are mobile-friendly. Make sure you pick the right private label website builder that has tons of well-optimised themes and design templates for users to play with. Here are a few reasons why mobile optimised websites are a must:

We are living in the Age of Smartphones!

According to stats, over 80% of internet users own a smartphone. Even though people have a Desktop PC, they tend to use mobile phones to access the internet at home. Mobile internet has become a crucial part of our daily lives. The last thing we do before going to sleep is to look at our mobile. It is, in fact, also the first thing that we do as soon as we wake up. It is for this reason that businesses need to make sure their website is well-optimised. Any person visiting your website from any device should be well-accommodated by your website.

Conversation Rates and Mobile-Friendly Websites

How often do we visit a website and immediate bounce back just because it isn’t mobile-friendly? It is these factors such as mobile-optimisation and cross-platform support that can make or break a business. Companies can have a slight edge over their competitors because of these additions. Mobile phones tend to have a higher conversion ratio than desktops. This is mainly because people tend to spend more time on their mobile phones.

Major Impact on SEO Ranking

The majority of search traffic was attributed to mobile phones as of 2017 stats. Nobody except Google has a clear-cut idea on how their algorithms work. But they have definitely take a note of websites that have optimised their design for use across different mobile devices. Mobile-friendly websites are the need of the hour now more than just a mere website. Better the mobile-friendly nature of your website, better will be the traffic and it will have a wider impact on SEO Ranking.

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