Social Media has influenced the way companies to do their marketing. Few companies totally rely on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to showcase their business offerings. Other businesses have a well-optimised website and supporting social media channels. So which platform is more important? Website or social media platforms? Let’s do a direct face-off with several key factors taken into consideration.


Whenever you want to know more about a product or service, you try visiting their website. The design, layout and information posted on the website say everything about the business. We generally don’t check the social media platforms first. We visit the website initially and then check if there are “supporting” social media platforms. A website gives a unique identity to any business. Social media just adds value to the identity.


It is much important to have your website listed high up the search engine rankings page for relevant search queries. A higher search engine listing gives a website more wide reach and dominance over its competitors. However, the same cannot be said about social media platforms. The social media posts generally work well with the intended audience. However, it requires a better brand value or an Ad campaign to get the necessary attention. 

Running Ads

Ads are generally effective on both platforms. Google Ads and social media Ads have their own shares of benefits. But here is a question. Do we search about products and services on social media more than search engines like Google? Definitely No! We tend to ask each and every question that peeps up our mind in Google. We tend to click the links that appear high up the rankings list. Social Media Ads work well but depend a lot on the industry type. 

Online Presence

The website and social media channels are equally important in contributing to the online presence of any business. A well-executed SEO-friendly website helps in achieving higher website traffic. Social media platforms also contribute equally to the online presence of any business. But it serves as a supporting platform to any website. 

Your website is the “Hub” of your online presence! Social Media Platforms serve as a marketing tool! Social Media platforms can in no way replace a website. But it can be used as an effective platform to drive traffic to the main website. This traffic that is directed to the website can be monitored and marketing activities can be further initiated. A website gives you a whole lot of control than what social media platforms do.

For people who might say creating a business account in social media platforms is easier, here is the solution. A website builder reseller helps a business get their website done using an effective website builder reseller platform. There are lots of white label website builder available in the market now. But the best private label website builder is the one that provides tons of features, customisability options and future-proof design templates.