Looking for the best white label website builder platform to make the most out of your reseller business? Well, then this blog is for you. If you check most of the well-known website builder for reseller platforms, there are going to be many factors in common – plenty of design templates customisation and add-ons. However, when you quantify each of these factors, only then will you be able to differentiate one platform from the rest. For a reseller to cater to the needs of a wide range of clients with diverse website requirements, he/she should pick a competent private label website builder.

High Levels of Customisation

If you get two options to work with – 1000s of design templates with little to no customisation or 100s of design templates with high customisation capabilities, which would you pick? Here’s why the second option makes more sense and will serve you better in the long run – If you have a handful of design templates and great customisation options, you can play around with it for diverse clients. However, if you are left with only limited options and no customisation, then you are soon to run out of options. In the current digital age, it is the attractive design language of websites that speak volumes to the customers. In order to provide that, you will need to work on a platform that offers you high levels of customisation.

Custom page layout is a key feature which makes building personalised websites much easier. Each and every web page can be designed as per the needs of the client. This is actually the need of the hour as clients want each one of their pages to look in a unique style. Be it a gallery or service page, each page can be designed in the manner you want.

e-Commerce Platform

If there is one area where most of the reseller website builder platforms fall short is the ability to build e-commerce sites. Each and every website builder falls short in different factors. Few website builders don’t let customers add more than one product on their cart at a time, while others face serious issues when it comes to building the product page. Make sure you pick the platform that helps you create an advanced e-commerce platform for your clients. 

Packages and Pricing

To make the most out of a website builder reseller platform, one needs to make the platform their own. So, what does making the platform your own mean? It means that you have total control over the website builder platform. You can build packages that suit different kinds of clients and you can also fix the pricing accordingly. It is this level of customisation that makes a reseller website builder stand out from the competition.