The term ideal” is highly subjective. What might seem ideal for one might seem totally pointless to someone else? Be it a product or service, the term ideal” is subjective depending on the factors such as utility, value and price and the weight users give to each. From a white label website builder standpoint, things arent much different. A reseller looks for a website builder for reseller platform that helps him/her build their own brand, fix pricing and packages, have plenty of features and customisation options. You cannot have all the above-mentioned functionalities and features in a single private label website builder, however, you can pick the platform that has the right mix of all the above-mentioned points.

To start with, you should be well aware of your strengths and weakness as a website builder. You could be a beginner, amateur, professional or expert when it comes to website building. Once you pick which category you fall under, you should then pick a reseller website builder platform that suits your expertise. Well, thats not all! You need to check on how friendly the platform is when it comes to building your own brand, framing the packages and prices.

Then comes the main points such as themes, templates and customisation. The theme and design of each and every business website are unique. As a reseller, you will have to pick a website builder platform that offers tons of design templates and themes to work with. This is only going to help a reseller build a website that their client needs. However, there is one other feature that will help a reseller build the website their client wants – customisation.

Customisation helps a reseller bring in changes to the website more than what a typical template would offer you. So, if a client picks a design template but wants a few changes made to it, it can very well be done. Custom page layouts feature will help a reseller build each and every page on the site in the way a reseller wants. So if you are building a gallery page and want to add images with texts, you will have the option to do so. Moreover, you can make edits to the template you picked which makes the website look more personalised.

Goodies! Well, this is one feature that might look like hype, but then it ends up adding a new flavour to the website if used the right way. For example, having Google Maps, Google News, Driving Navigations, and other tools such as Analytics can come in handy provided you make the right use of them. There are other tools like online image editor which helps you edit images well within the white label website builder tool itself.

The final call is yours! You need to check on what all features mentioned above would seriously impact the way your reseller business is carried out. In case you are looking for a website builder for reseller platform with the right mix of all the above-mentioned features and functionalities, then you should check our platform.