Using a white label website builder platform to build your reseller business wasn’t a wise idea a couple of years ago. The main reason behind this was that there were only a handful of design templates and themes to work with. So, as a website builder reseller, you only had a limited set of options to play with. Things have changed significantly over the last few years. The modern-day private label website builder comes with an extensive list of design templates, themes, feature set, customisation options and goodies. As a reseller, you are now more comfortable than ever. You can design websites ranging from a simple one to an advanced e-commerce website without having any in-depth knowledge in programming languages. 

Plenty of Themes and Templates!

Well, a few years back, you had a very limited number of templates and that too for selective business types. You were able to create websites for an educational institution, hospital, personal blog and that was just it. But now, you have templates that are ready to cater to the needs of a wide range of business types. Be it a coffee shop, electronics e-commerce store or a full-fledged photography site, you get to play around a wide range of options. As a reseller, you can’t ask for more! Gone are the days when you had to pick up or drop projects based on the themes and templates offered by the reseller website builder. Now, you can cater to the website requirements of any kind of business without a second thought.


Customisation has revolutionised the way website builders work. Now, with the right website builder in place, you can fine-tune a website design in whichever way you want and match the client requirements. This wasn’t possible in the earlier times. You were stuck with the templates that were offered by the website builder for reseller platform. But now, you can design each and every page on the site in whichever way you want. For clients looking to provide a unique finesse to each and every page on the site will find custom page layouts a very handy feature.


It is the entire package that a white label website builder offers that makes it stand out from the competition. Say, for example, having an in-built image editor helps users edit images on the go rather than relying on a third-party image editing application. Being able to add videos on any section on the website calls is another handy feature. Being able to add the Google Maps and Driving Navigation feature on the website is an easier way to make people visit the business location. These are just a few samples, each and every platform comes with its own set of goodies or add-ons that make it different from the rest and influence the decision-making process of resellers.

Website builder reseller platforms have definitely come a long way in the last few years and this is only going to get better from here on. But as a reseller, you need to pick a platform that promises significant features, customisation and add-ons in the years to come as well. Hope you make the right choice!