If you ask any business owner how their website needs to turn out, this is going to be the list of most common replies – 

“Great Design”
“Beautiful Template that is related to my business”
“Should have online payment portal”
“Should be easily customizable”

Well, there are two important points which could turn out to be deal-breakers when it comes to a business website. These are – Speed and Responsiveness! Most businesses forget to mention this point and are more inclined towards the visual grandeur of the site. While the attractiveness of the website and its functionalities promise to create engagement among the target audience, what is the point in having these when the site takes a long time to load and isn’t responsive across different platforms and browsers? However, most of the modern-day white label website builder platforms are looking to add attractive themes and templates in their reseller program but then shy away from adding two key features – Speed and Responsiveness.

According to the researched statistics published by dotcom-tools, the ideal website load time is 2-5 seconds. However, the recordings also state that the bounce rate of the site increases for every second exceeding the 2-second mark. In case you are new to the term “Bounce Rate”, it refers to the percentage of people who have left your website without making a single interaction within the page. Since search engines like Google pay more attention to factors like the bounce rate, it can significantly affect your rankings.

A website needs to create a satisfying viewing experience for the website visitor. For this, firstly, the website needs to load fast. Secondly, the site needs to load up perfectly on any device – be it a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The great browsing experience is what keeps website visitors invested on the site and its offerings. Yes, design templates, themes, customization and a wide range of feature-set are all important for private label website builder platforms. However, if functionalities like speed and responsiveness are overlooked, there is no point in having those advanced features. 

Since the prices of smartphones, tablets and an active internet connection have reduced tremendously in the last few years, the manner in which people access information has changed. Nowadays, people browse the web using their smartphones and tablets more than Desktop PCs. As a website builder reseller, you need to make sure that the websites you create using your website builder platform are optimized to view and use across all browsers and devices. You never know where business opportunities come from and therefore you need to make sure that your website is ready to grab onto those. 

As a reseller, make sure you opt for a website builder for reseller platform that lets you pick from hundreds of design templates, work with multiple feature-set, customize every page layout as per client requirement and most importantly, doesn’t let you out on the important factors of speed and responsiveness.