DIY website builder market is so hot that some of the website builder companies are valued at $20B with just 1.3% market share. We also see that the market is highly fragmented and cluttered with no single dominant player. So, it’s very clear that this market is still nascent and will continue to grow rapidly for the next 20 years.

Today web hosts, ISPs & domain registrars are well-positioned to stand out and capture this $14B market with a far superior website builder like SiteGalore. Google’s performance bench mark tests prove beyond doubt SiteGalore is superior in many crucial aspects. Watch the short 3-minutes video

Web hosts, ISPs, Domain Registrars & other SaaS companies are well positioned to dominate and win the DIY website builder market if they can offer a far superior white label website builder that offers compelling value for their customers. The unique advantage of a 100% pure white label website builder is that you fully own the customers, you set the price and its hosted in your own data center.

The dominance of SiteGalore as a 100% pure white label website builder can be proved by putting it to test with other players in the industry which Web hosts, ISPs, Domain Registrars & other SaaS companies need to compete in the market today.

We have put Four website builders to the ultimate Google test, and the results were mindblowing.

For this test, we created the exact website using all the four website builders. The stunning website has beautiful fonts, stunning images, video, form, and much more. Here are the links to the 4 websites. Watch the 3-minutes Google Performance Benchmark Test video to see how SiteGalore performance in comparison with other website builder: