Be it an entrepreneur, or a medium-sized organization, or a business professional, it has become very normal for all of us to look forward to expanding our business or increasing our presence among our clients. If you are a website designer, it is important that you explore website builders for reseller platforms to gain maximum value out of them. 

There are a lot of advantages of using a private label website builder for website development needs as they provide complete ownership of one’s brand as well as the respective customers.

SiteGalore is one such white label website builder that offers 100% white label solutions. Here is a glimpse of the value you get :

  • Your branding, your logo, and business name appears throughout the tool
  • You own your customers as well as your brand
  • Set your own pricing and plans
  • Dynamic web design templates
  • Site builder runs on your domain name
  • You can have sub-resellers under you
  • Easy to manage admin panel and APIs

The major advantage of working on a white label site builder is that your clients will never get to know that there is a website builder involved because such is the level of your ownership in your website. Keeping in mind the amount of dynamism and creativity that might be required for a website, it is really important to have dynamic web design templates that can be refitted to suit one’s website pages.

You can have any number of clients under you and you can offer them “your” web design services. You can use SiteGalore’s site builder for your clients to create their own websites and sell them as your own service. This saves you a lot of time as well as lessens the burden on your end. With SiteGalore, the platform is updated frequently with new designs and templates every now and then. As website builder resellers, you get access to the latest and greatest trending features which makes it easy for you to stay relevant in the website design market.

Still, looking for reasons to pick SiteGalore as your best white label website builder platform?

Here’s all that SiteGalore brings to the table:

  • Mobile responsive builder – Most of the users browse the web using smartphones than laptops due to its handiness. This has made it compulsory for businesses to have their sites mobile-friendly. This is where the need for a website builder which has mobile-friendly website designs in its database is important.
  • Fast loading speeds – There are very few website builders that promise really fast site loading speeds. Users generally shy away from sites that take more than 3 seconds to fully load. This is why as a reseller, you need to be very particular to pick a platform that lets you build sites with faster load times. Make sure you use the Google Page Speed insights tool to check the desktop and mobile scores of sites created by specific website builders before jumping to conclusions. SiteGalore has a promise of offering sites with really high desktop and mobile scores on Google Page Speed Insights.
  • Frequently updated designs and templates – With most website builders, you can work with only a handful of templates. The platform isn’t updated with a new list of designs and you get stuck with the same options. This can limit your scope of clients you can cater to. With SiteGalore, you get several new designs updated every now and then.
  • SEO-friendly websites – While there are many website builders that promise to deliver SEO-friendly websites, there are a few that actually do it. Being able to make the site SEO-friendly by adding meta tags, keywords in the desired pages, and so on is needed for a site to be made SEO-friendly.
  • Google Tool Integration – Being able to easily integrate with Google tools such as webmaster, analytics and others can be really useful when it comes to carrying out marketing activities and keeping track of them.
  • E-commerce site creation – Post COVID-19, many businesses are more reliant on the online modes of selling goods. As a reseller, you need to be sure that the website builder lets you create e-commerce sites for your clients.