Why do we create checklists?

To make sure we keep the list of activities we have to do in check. Also, to make sure we prioritize the tasks and complete them at the right time. For website builder resellers also, this will be really helpful. They need to come up with a list of pointers to keep in mind while building sites for their clients. It is always the additional effort and time we spend in planning the tasks that will help us deliver the required results. 

Here is a list of pointers that each professional needs to keep in their mind to build a great website for their client. 

Plenty of Research

As you start working on the web design templates for your client, start with some basic market research. Doing research will help you better understand the client’s interests and their customers’ behavior. If you are working on the content too, then make sure that you use words and language that resonates well with your client’s target audience. Check for competitor websites and check how they have gone about their website design and content. You will definitely get a lot of ideas on how to go about your website building process.


This is an extension of the previous point. Design and content relevancy are really important if you are expecting significant engagement through a website. Make sure that your content is relevant to the target audience and also the color scheme of the site is apt to your client’s business stream and is suitable for their customers. Also, the content needs to be clear and concise. Sometimes, in an attempt to be over-creative, some content creators tend to make it difficult for the target audience to understand things. 

Understand the purpose

Different websites hold different purposes. Some websites are used for blogging purposes, while a few others are used for e-commerce, and a lot of other sites are used just to display information about their business offerings. As a web designer, you need to understand the main purposes of the site from the client’s perspective. The client will need the website to solve a problem or address an issue. As a designer, you should be able to understand that and build the site accordingly.

Follow a flow

We all would have come across sites where there isn’t a proper flow of content from one section to another section on a single page or across pages. It is important that websites have continuity. Introducing designs just for the purpose of adding them should be avoided. This can result in unwanted distractions only. Designers should always keep it simple and at the same time be able to make the website attractive and functional.

As a web designer, make sure you follow a checklist as we have mentioned above. It can help you create a really professional and meaningful website that your client would be highly impressed with. But before that, make sure you pick the best white label website builder. The best private label website builder helps a reseller build the website he/she wants in an easier way.