Most businesses create a website for two main purposes – to create brand awareness and for lead generation. While brand awareness takes a lot of time to unfold for any business, lead generation something they will be interested immediately. When it comes to lead generation, it is important for businesses to tick the main boxes – Ad campaign copies, perfect landing page and means to collect leads. When all these factors go hand in hand, a perfect lead generation campaign can be set up and run.

A prospect first looks at an image or text, which forms the first stage of lead generation. If the person is interested, he/she clicks on the Ad and enters a page, which is most commonly known as the landing page. The landing page needs to hold strong and relevant information to grab the attention of the prospect. The entire page layout needs to be designed in such a way that the person viewing this should be ready to invest more time on viewing the entire content.

If you are working on a white label website builder, it is important that you check with the different design options available. You should be more keen on the design elements and customization options available. If the website builder for reseller platform you are using, comes with limited design layouts, then make sure it has the necessary customization options to make it look entirely the way you want. 

Experiment with landing pages

Most marketers do this. They create multiple landing pages for a single ad campaign just to check its effectiveness. Sometimes, it is important to check what your customer preferences are in a practical way. But then, the private label website builder should offer you with the comfort and convenience to create several landing pages. Be it the way text is used, images, forms and other types of ways to generate leads.

A landing page should be able to attract the users, grab their attention and result in them making an enquiry about our offering. 

So, how do we go about it?

Know the target audience 

Have a chat with your client as to what their target market is, who their target audience are and details about how they have acquired their clients in the past. Sometimes, your website might get over 5,000 visitors per day, but there won’t be a single conversion. This can be due to the wrong marketing approach, which mainly includes the information that is provided on the landing page. So, make sure you adopt content and structure the landing page in such a way that it resonates well with your client’s target audience.

Get the basics right

Your landing page should have the basics right. It should load fast across most browsers and devices. It should be SEO-friendly. It should have relevant content. At the same time, it should be different from the competitor sites. You should be able to highlight and show importance to the USPs of the business. You should also be able to offer additional informative content in the form of PDFs or other resources as value adds.

Link your social profiles

Make sure you are able to provide links to your social profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. Nowadays, the value of any business is perceived based on their social media presence. So, it is important for you to list the social profiles on the landing page, so that users can visit the pages and check how the online presence of your client looks like. 

It is important that you pick the ideal reseller website builder platforms for a comprehensive website design experience for your clients belonging to any industry type. The right choice will help you cater to the website needs of a wide range of businesses. With COVID driving many businesses to the online space, it is important that you stay equipped with the necessary resources to meet the growing website needs.