At some stage or the other, we have all run into this issue: we’d click on a link to a mobile website and wait for it to load before finally giving up and moving on to another website. This is far more common than one would think. Right now, users want websites that load more quickly on mobile, in turn, leading to an improved customer experience. With the average website taking over 15.3 seconds to load, this experience is not being provided. The importance of this becomes evident when we take bounce rate into account. If the loading time jumps from 1s to 3s, the bounce rate increases by 32% and when it goes to 10s, the bounce rate jumps to 123%, implying that no one has the patience to wait till the website loads. This is where SiteGalore, the White label Website Builder comes in. Google recommends that a website should load under 3s, with lesser being better. A website built using SiteGalore loads in just 1s, which is well below Google’s own recommendation and significantly faster than the average mobile webpage loading time of 15.3s.