Got a fully competent white label website builder to build websites for your clients? But, finding it difficult to sell your web design services to your target audience? You’ve ended up at the right place. Our article will serve as a guide to you for managing every aspect of the sales cycle – right from the initial touchpoint till the completion of the sale.

Defining the Sales cycle

Before you step into the process of selling your website design services, it is important to understand what we exactly mean by “sales cycle”. Be it a website builder reseller business or any business of sorts, the sales cycle remains more or less the same. An initial touchpoint Is registered either through an advertisement or referral or a cold call. They then show their interest by doing an inquiry through a call or form fill or reply to your call saying they are interested in your offerings. In our case, it the website building service.

At this stage, you get to know what the client is looking for. You get to know wear what interests them and what’s important to them. You will pretty much get to know why does the customer needs a website. 

The Planning Stage

At this stage, since you understand the exact requirements of the client, you can start planning as to what your deliverables are going to be. Before doing this, you need to have a thorough understanding of what your private label website builder platform is capable of. The feature set and customization options available in the website builder platform will help you make the necessary planning.

The main factor you need to consider is the available design templates in the website builder platform. With different business types coming up every now and then, the platform needs to have a sufficient repository of templates. Even with industries, there should be plenty of options to pick from. For example, if you happen to handle many clients belonging to the education industry, numerous templates are going to help you show differentiation between the sites you create for your clients. Having better customization capabilities will also help you make changes to the website templates available.

So, make sure you do proper planning and provide your client with a proposal mentioning all the deliverables you are going to offer them. At this stage, it is really important that you have extensive interactions with the client. It is important for you to know if the client is looking for something different or more than what you have proposed. 

Execution Stage

Once the project is signed off by the client, make sure you follow the plan that you had promised them earlier. Give them progress updates every now and then so that you get a confirmation that both of you are on the same page. During the execution stage, if the client is requesting changes, make it very clear that it cannot be done. Last-minute changes can affect the entire flow of the project.
A great product or service can be sold in the market with minimal effort. The same holds true for a website builder. So, make sure you work on a website builder for a reseller platform that offers you a wide range of design templates, customization options, and goodies. This will come in handy when you work with clients belonging to different industries.