A website can be seen as an opportunity to show the world what the business is all about, its offerings, values, and objectives. Each and every element of the website helps create a perception in the minds of the website visitors about the business. These elements and the entire website experience can change the way people perceive the brand. This is why website designers need to be very particular about the type of website they are creating for the business.

In the case of website builder resellers, they need to build an attractive website for their client, which serves the purpose of delivering the brand message to the target audience. 

Here’s a branding checklist we have prepared that will help website designers craft a purposeful site for their clients. 

Use colors that speak for itself 

A brand’s color scheme should be infused into the client’s website in an effortless manner. The website’s color should be synchronous with the color of the logo. This is mainly done to not only improve the visual appeal but also to create consistency throughout. Colors usually help users register a brand in their minds effectively. Be it Instagram’s “Pink” or Twitter’s “Blue”, these are colors that people generally associate with when they hear the brand name or vice versa. On the whole, this helps in building brand recognition for the business. 

 Highlight USP whenever and wherever possible

Each and every business definitely has a unique selling point. This is what sets the business apart from its competitors. Moreover, without talk-worthy points, no business can even make it through in this highly competitive world. As a website builder reseller, make sure you have a thorough understanding of the USP of your client and highlight it on the website wherever possible. It can be included as a home page banner or on the about us page. Get it displayed on pages where you expect the most traffic. 

Be on point when it comes to Fonts

Font style and typography are usually a one-time finalization process. Once it’s set, then this font will be made use of through the website and also on other platforms. Say, for example, this font will be made use of on social media posts, banners, and other pages. So, make sure you pick the font that falls in line with your business.

Link with Social Media Pages

While a business website is considered the main contributor to the online presence of a business, social media platforms play a key role too. It serves as a complementary platform that helps businesses build their social presence, which in turn has a tremendous impact on the online presence of the business.

But, before you even get to this point, it is important to make the main decision – picking the best white label website builder. When we say “best”, it’s a relative term. The private label website builder that is best for your professional use and matches your design skills should be the best option for you. Make sure you pick the best website builder for reseller platform that gives you full freedom for work and lets you exercise your creative skills so that your client can get the maximum value out of it. Also, make use of the above-mentioned branding pointers to give your website designs an extra edge over your competitors.