Each and every year, we see new trends in the field of web creation. What seems relevant today can be totally obsolete in the coming years. This again varies according to the industry type. For example, companies that fall under the IT sector will have a certain number of trends. At the same time, restaurant sites might require a different set of upgrades. If you are a website builder reseller, you would be totally reliant on the white label website builder platform you use to meet your client’s website requirements. A few resellers work on a select set of clients belonging to a particular industry type. However, if you are open to taking up projects belonging to any industry type, then it is important you follow certain pointers. 

Define the purpose

A website without a purpose is like a business without a goal or objective. The purpose of the business is what defines its overall look, functionalities, and content. So, before you put your website-building skills into action, make sure you understand why your client actually needs a site. 

There are two main reasons why any business would need a website 

  • To acquire new clients
  • To build an online portfolio

Web design strategies are framed based on these goals. 

Plan the pages and content

This point depends solely on the first point. Once you get a stronghold of the purpose of the website, get to know what content they are planning to publish on their site – the content that they want the public to see. Also, how their homepage should look like. As the homepage of your site serves as the entry card to your business, it is important that you display all the key information there. It can be in the form of attractive sliders or a simple banner. Make sure you have the apt CTAs to get the right responses from the website visitors. 

A website designer with content writing abilities is an add-on. You define the content on each and every page as you design them. Make sure you design the homepage in such a way that it invokes interest in the website visitor to further explore the services in detail.

On the About us page, make sure you post informative content in a concise manner. Few sentences about the business, their specialization, achievements, awards, accomplishments, and skillset can be mentioned. Adding pictures of the management team and the office premises contributes to the credibility factor of your client’s business. 

Link Social Profiles

All businesses strive for an effective social presence. This is mainly because most of the population is active on these platforms. Moreover, people value any business based on how active they are on individual social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. From the website, make sure you provide links to the social profiles. It can be added to the header section or to the footer section. This not only helps website visitors know that you are actively present across social platforms but also helps divert traffic to the social platforms. As a reseller, keeping a check on the above pointers can help you in designing a perfect website for your client. But, first of all, make sure you pick the right private label website builder that complements your website building needs.