A glance over the website building industry clearly shows that the demand for website builders is going to keep increasing. Be it general-purpose website builders which are used for building small business websites, e-commerce builders that are used for e-commerce websites, and portfolio builders which are solely used for creating portfolio websites, the dependence of businesses on these platforms have increased severalfold in the last few years. This increased demand holds true for white label website builder platforms as well. 

In general, why has this industry seen tremendous growth?

We live in an era where a majority of people have a smartphone and internet connection. The ease of affordability of mobile phones and internet connection has lead to the digitization of businesses. Businesses are looking at this increased user base on the online space as a business opportunity. What better way to build the online presence of a business than through websites?

Creating a website all on its own can be cumbersome for most businesses. This is where a website builder reseller comes into the picture. A reseller needs to pick the ideal private label website builder that suits him/her and work on it to create the website their client demands.

A website needn’t always be full of grandeur and functionalities. Most often, a simple website with all the basic key features included is more than enough for more than 90% of businesses. Talking about basic features, what we indicate are website design templates, ease of use, Google-friendly features, and a bit of goodie. A website builder with all these features is all that is needed, so far. 

With the website needs of businesses growing very often, it is important for resellers to wisely pick the reseller website builder platform they opt to work on. A website builder platform that frequently updates and upgrades itself with new templates catering to the growing business needs and brings in features that are trending currently, will be the platform to watch out for, for most resellers. 

Do you think that the market is overcrowded?

Well, more than 60% of businesses across the world are yet to have an online presence of their own. Moreover, each and every day, there are several hundred and hundreds of new businesses entering the market. The demand for new websites isn’t going to reduce any time sooner. Websites cannot be replaced by any other platforms like social media pages or other online profiles. 

If you are looking to become a website builder reseller and build a promising career out of it, it is important that you pick the best reseller website builder platform. A platform that fits your working style, budget, and the customers you are looking to cater to. 

The current trends in the website building industry suggest that the future is going to be promising for website builder resellers and resellers who are going to use these platforms. Make sure you check out our website builder platform that we have custom-made for all the resellers who want to have their own customized website building platform.