Name any business or artistic profession. Be it an IT company, Restaurant, photographer, designer, or digital marketing agency, you would all know how important an online portfolio is for your business or profession. Some of you might say that social profiles or a presentation file can serve as a portfolio. An online portfolio is something that needs to be readily available in the online space. It should be open to viewing to any person who is looking for the services that you offer. This holds true for anyone who is involved in the creative field.

Let us get this straight – having a LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook business page can be great. But then, do you know what is even greater and powerful? A personal website. A personal website can do a lot more than just being an online portfolio for you. A website has your name out there, the services you offer, your accomplishments, and ways to reach out. This adds to the credibility factor. And, if the site is designed well, it helps you stand out from the rest of the competition.

Instead of having your portfolio scattered across different social media platforms, it is important for you to have a centralized platform. A website can combine all your Instagram, LinkedIn, CV, and other information – current clients, testimonials, awards, and so on. Potential clients will be able to access all your information from one single place and also do the necessary background check. An increased online presence is what most professionals and businesses look for. A website supported by engaging social media profiles and an effective marketing plan helps in amplifying your online presence. As you see again, the central point around which everything revolves is a website!

A website is the personification of your brand as a whole. It reflects your brand personality and helps potential customers evaluate your creativity skills just by looking at how each and every page has been designed. A portfolio site should also be open to easy edits whenever we need to do it. Such a platform should be the option to look out for.

So, what does this have to do with a white label website builder? What value does it add to a website builder reseller?

A professional always won’t have the time and knowledge to build a dedicated website for his/her business. This is where he seeks the help of a professional in the website building space to build the site he/she needs. This is where, as a website builder reseller, you can help them out. However, it is important for you to pick the ideal private label website builder platform that perfectly fits your skillset and convenience. 

There are several website-building platforms across the world. But, it all comes to the convenience of the reseller. Do a thorough analysis of the different website builders for reseller platforms and pick the ideal one. There are several lakh websites created every single day which clearly illustrates the impact online space has had on businesses. Every business is looking to have a website to improve its online presence and drive business opportunities. This is, in turn, a huge business opportunity for resellers, provided they pick the best website building platform.