Listing the location of your business is equally important as building a website for your business. Both provide an identity to your business. With the white label website builder SiteGalore, website builder resellers can build websites for their clients and also work with a lot of goodies to make for an engaging user experience. You have lots of design templates to choose from and most importantly, the templates are optimized across all devices and browsers. Ability to add Google Maps to your website is a key feature that comes with several benefits. Let’s take a brief look at few of them.

Users look for Local Businesses

Business entities predominantly look to have a stronger hold over the local market. People search for service providers close to their locality because they could get in touch with them soon and can rely on them even for future needs. Building a website that contains content with your location listed helps in local people identifying you easily. And note that most people make searches based on a combination of keywords that includes the product as well as the relevant location. This is where giving priority to your location comes in handy.

Helps Build Customer Trust

You would be more confident and prefer to buying a product or service from a provider who lists their location. The location gives a sense of trust among customers and adds to the credibility factor. Including your location lets people know where exactly you are present however complex the location is. With the website builder reseller program SiteGalore, the website builder resellers also have the option of adding navigation directions. This helps people reach your place directly instead of calling and asking for directions.

Google’s Trust

Including Google Maps on your website improves your rating in search engines. A physical address for your company listed on your website can boost Google’s trust in your website. This isn’t an indisputable fact, but having a real world verifiable address on your website boosts your site’s credibility and impacts your search engine rankings.

Let’s leave all these search engine points of view and come to a more basic reasoning. When you decide on purchasing a product online, would you prefer buying it from a verified seller or just some newbie? ┬áDefinitely, you would opt for the seller who has a verified address and certified products. It is the same case with companies having their location listed on their website.

The Google Maps goodie in the website builder reseller program SiteGalore helps include the location of the company and makes it easy for people to reach you. You have lots of other Add-on options as well to improve the user-friendliness of your clients’ website from a white label website reseller standpoint. So, all those website builder resellers who would love to create intuitive websites for their clients should definitely visit SiteGalore.