SiteGalore is a white label website builder that helps resellers build websites that their clients fancy. With a fully responsive and fresh looking admin panel, resellers can now manage their users on the go. Resellers usually prefer having a centralized control over their clients and that is what you can expect from the recently updated control panel of the website builder reseller program SiteGalore.

Resellers can now manage all the users from any device and anytime. This optimization helps resellers manage their clients’ websites either from their desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even their smartphone. Resellers who are frequently in the travel mode can make great use of this functionality. With smartphones coming with a high-end processor and large displays, we can manage websites even from your mobile. You can add pages, rename pages, rearrange pages and even update the design template right from the main control panel page.

The availability of add-ons or goodies right on the control panel gives the reseller website builder a much comprehensive look. You don’t have to scroll through options to find the needed options. Making edits on a website just from one screen adds better value to the resellers. It is not just about having all the advanced add-ons available in your website builder reseller program, but it is the user-interface that makes the difference. You should visit SiteGalore to know for yourself how well website management can be done from the admin panel.

Different clients have different requirements and the white label website reseller should be able to provide them. The easy accessibility and ready to include additions make a perfect blend. In SiteGalore, each and every add-ons come with a description below them. This might be of great help if a website builder reseller isn’t proficient with the functionality of certain features. For example, you have a “Mailing List” option available in the Goodies section of SiteGalore. For a new reseller, this might sound new. But by including its function saying that Mailing List can help you add website visitors to your mailing list comes of great help. Most features go unnoticed in website builders just because their functionality isn’t clearly mentioned. With SiteGalore, you can’t make that mistake. Moreover, right in the admin panel, you have options to edit the website footer, add banners, include password protect pages, monitor traffic, and also edit images. These options are the most frequently used ones and being included on the homepage of admin panel calls for easy accessibility. You also have the option to add social media icons to your websites just by a single click.

SiteGalore is an efficient website builder reseller program that provides a lot of site builder VAS to make it highly user-friendly for resellers to build websites for their clients.