You’ve got plenty of white label website builder in the market right now. All these website builders for resellers provide tons of design templates that meet the requirements of different clients. But most of them forget about page speeds when designing templates for businesses. Website builder resellers would want a private label website builder that doesn’t just provide a wide array of templates but also provide them with an SEO-friendly website design.

Page speed is one of the key parameters which Google’s algorithm takes into account when crawling through websites. If a page takes a longer time to load, website visitors usually opt off the website. And this factor increases the bounce rate of websites. As the bounce rate increases, Google starts penalising these websites and bringing them significantly down the search results.

Why prefer SiteGalore over the rest?

There are very few white label website builders that provide website builder resellers with SEO-friendly website designs. SiteGalore is one such private label website builder that provides tons of well-optimised design templates which website builder resellers can work on. Moreover, all the websites designed using SiteGalore are optimised across mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. You need not work on the optimisation of your client website on individual platforms. Moreover, the admin panel of white label website builder SiteGalore helps in easily making edits and additions to the website resulting in an on-page optimised website.

There are few points which website builder resellers need to take note of while building websites for their customers. The websites that are usually built with white label website builder SiteGalore are SEO-friendly and has page speeds of over 90%. But loading a website with large images, videos and graphics can pull down the page speed to a considerable level. Before uploading an image, make sure you use the image editor present in the private label website builder SiteGalore. This helps website builder resellers edit images and create a photo gallery for their client products and services.

This is the digital age. People want information easily, readily and swiftly. If companies can build their websites to provide information to the audience in an above-mentioned way, it could benefit their business effectively. All website builder resellers who want to build highly responsive websites for their clients should definitely visit private label website builder SiteGalore. There are a wide range of SEO- friendly website designs and goodies to make your clients’ websites look great, work responsive and show up higher in the search engine results page.