Website builder resellers look for a white label website builder that provides different themes and designs for them to work on. A typical white label website reseller usually prefers a website builder reseller program that provides a wide range of templates and customisation options to serve multiple clients. Website builder resellers wouldn’t confine themselves to a particular industry type audience. And SiteGalore is one of its kind website builder for resellers that caters to any reseller’s needs. 

The website requirements are unique for each and every business. Some companies might prefer a single page website while others might prefer a website with multiple pages. Two companies coming under the same industry type would prefer having their websites designed in their own way. And white label website builder SiteGalore provides website builder resellers with the comfort of working on website building projects of multiple companies. 

Wide Gamut of Themes and Customisation!

SiteGalore provides website builder resellers with different themes and a wide range of customizability options. Most importantly all the themes and designs that you get with SiteGalore are SEO-friendly. Moreover, the website designs are all well-optimised across all devices and browsers. 

Let us consider two training institutes. Their website theme, content, web pages and target audience would be entirely different even though they belong to the same field. And a website builder for resellers should be capable of providing different themes for a single industry space so that website builder resellers can work at ease. You’ve got huge competition in whichever industry you pick. Companies try to differentiate themselves from closely associated competitors in different ways, and websites are one among them. 

With white label website builder SiteGalore, you get more than just wide varieties of business themes – Goodies and Add-ons. These extra features which come along with the package can make websites look more intuitive. You’ve got options to add the business location, include website analytics, link Adsense account, edit images and link YouTube videos with simple clicks. All the goodies available in white label website builder SiteGalore are easily accessible. Moreover, a short description for each and every goodie is mentioned below the widget to make it easier for website builder resellers to use them in website building.

If you are a website builder reseller looking to build the best possible websites for your clients, white label website builder SiteGalore will prove highly worthy. You will be able to build intuitive websites for multiple clients belonging to diverse business spheres effortlessly.