SiteGalore consists of many powerful features that can be integrated in your website. The website designed using SiteGalore can be used to spread your business across the globe and increase revenue. Out of many hundreds of features available in SiteGalore one is Mailing list. Mailing list is used for powerful one-to-many communications. Mailing lists are based on email, mailing lists share key features of email. Mailing lists are build on the technology to create a new capability called one-to-many functionality. Mailing list enables one person to communicate with many people at the same time.

This feature is a virtual internet extension of the real world communication power of one person speaking to a group of people, the members of the audience may be located anywhere in the world. The mailing lists feature can give one person with unique access to informed suggestions and opinions of a vast diverse group of people on various subjects with very little effort. The email arrives from various groups the users have subscribed to and they then read only the one they are interested in. Mailing lists are very important primarily like other internet technologies because they have the power to bring the people around the world together in a single communication settings.

With the help of feature like mailing list you can send your company’s newsletter with the simplicity with the help of robustness of a powerful professional software offered by SiteGalore a powerful white label website builder. Mailing list feature has the capability to send emails to create great looking newsletters and announcements. Mailing list can track the emails effectively with detailed reports. In real-time, you can get reports which emails were read, which bounced back or who unsubscribed to your mailing list and even which links on your email were clicked.

You can shoot emails related to new product details to all your mailing list subscribers in one go. Mailing lists can automatically detect your subscribers location and then send emails based on specific areas. You can reward your mailing list users for signing up to your mailing list by giving them free exclusive gifts. This mailing list goodies are also available for resellers and white label user’s

Mailing lists are great for sending out mass messages to a group of contacts. Mailing list enable your business to grow when you send your product emails to your clients. You can present your products details in a broader perspective to your prospective clients making them understand your nature of business. It is not possible for you to meet all your customers but you can communicate to your clients at the same time through mailing list feature. Those who are not subscribed voluntarily to your companies mailing list you can remove those names from your mailing list through a process called List-washing. The email is broadcast to all your mailing list members. The main advantage of a mailing list is that as the new messages are available they are immediately delivered to the participants mailboxes.