SiteGalore has many unique features one of that is Last Modified Date Time Stamp goodie. The LastModified Goodie displays text on the page showing the last modified page time. Users want to create a track of when the content on the website are last modified, by using this feature Last Modified Date Time Stamp Goodie it is very simple to track the latest content on the website. Only the most recent modification date and time are stored on the website.

This feature is very useful in news websites where they often update old stories to show new developments and add corrections. This feature is useful for the users to identify if the content on the website is fresh or not. Last Modified Date Time Stamp feature is also very useful in blog websites where the users want to see the last modified time so that they can read the latest blogs. The Last Modified Date Time Stamp goodie is based on your countries local time zone.

Last Modified Time Stamp goodie are most commonly used in all websites to show the content has been updated on the website on the same day. This data is usually presented in a consistent format, allowing users for easily comparison of two different set of records and tracking progress over time. Use of time stamp on website content enables you to remember when the data has been added to the website. Sometimes when be add data to our website and we don’t know why we added this data it seems ambiguous and a look at the time stamp makes you jog your memory.

Time stamping is a convenient feature that many websites are using it very successfully. Time stamp is a way of tracking your progress and measuring your success. All your posts on the website automatically comes under last time stamp and there are always there if the users need them. Time stamp is a unique feature that helps us in website. This feature is also available for resellers websites and white label website builder user’s