SiteGalore white label website builder has a simple and stylish admin control panel theme that can be used by any resellers. The Admin Control Panel is the nerve center from which you can control,  administrate and manage all aspects of the site building tool such as  white label Private-Branding, End User Management, Application Management, Admin Management, etc. The  Private-Branding section of the reseller admin control allows the resellers to display your brand name throughout the application including text and image contents.

The resellers can set their application domain name, reseller’s end user or their clients can access the site-building tool through  the domain name you set in the admin control panel. The reseller website builder client can customize the entire top panel and the footer of their website in one click by simply serving it from your current marketing website service or from any other website of their choice. You can always choose to white label private brand the individual elements of the Top Panel & Footer.

The reseller’s can display their own custom company name as part of the top panel in all the pages of the application. The reseller of SiteGalore display their own custom company slogan as part of the top panel on all pages of the application. The private branding white label of SiteGalore gives you freedom to upload your own logo or any other image of your choice as part of the top panel header section on all the pages of the application. The private branded white labelled resellers can also use their own email address and contact information for their client to contact them for assistance and customer support of the application.

The resellers can also integrate their own custom navigational links of their choice like ‘About Us’, ‘Pricing’, ‘Support’, to provide more information to their end users or to link them to your other existing web services. In the footer section they can incorporate general text and image content. They can also provide links, disclaimers, legal notice, address, etc., on all pages of the application. The private branding of the SiteGalore application also allows its resellers to select any design template of their choice for your application form a wide range of professionally designed template options to make sure that design of your final application is absolutely one-of-a-kind.

The white label private branding of SiteGalore allows its resellers to set the website building packs that they want to offer to their clients and also provide a custom name for each of the packs. The resellers of the SiteGalore can also customize the end user sign up form by adding or removing form fields based on their requirements along with the option to make the included fields as “Optional” or “Mandatory”. The reseller related section of the SiteGalore’s admin control panel allows its resellers to view and modify reseller profile details and reseller status.

The White Label Reseller Website Builder allows its resellers to view a comprehensive Summary of all the End Users. The end user subscribers of any reseller can be effectively managed using the admin control panel. The user FTP details can be modified and set FTP for their end users. The resellers can upgrade the end users packs from lower pack to higher packs. Resellers can send customized emails to their clients based on the occurrence of specific events. You can also assign trial periods for each website builder packs that you want to offer to your customers. The resellers can incorporate certain links like ‘End User Login’ on their marketing website. The reseller admin control panel of SiteGalore allows its resellers to  customize the application as per their requirements.