Each and every website builder comes with its own share of pros and cons. People most often pick a website builder without diving deep into other similar yet better options. And if you are website builder reseller, you need to be more careful. Picking the best white label website builder platform would be key to the reseller business. Here is a face to face comparison between WordPress and SiteGalore on different topics of concern.

Initial Setup

WordPress and SiteGalore are relatively platforms to get the website done and rolling. However, it is quite easier with SiteGalore. The setup time is also short and the guide to a first time user is also pretty easy to follow.


This is where SiteGalore comes in as a handy option. Even though both platforms provide plenty of themes, there are significant advantages that put SiteGalore to the forefront. In both the platforms, the themes are all well optimised and can be easily viewed using any device and supporting browsers. However, when you change from a particular theme to another one, the overall layout takes a big bump in WordPress. Once the theme is changed in WordPress, you need to work again from scratch to get the website done. Whereas in SiteGalore, you can switch over themes at any point of time without worrying about the complications involved. The overall structure never gets affected in SiteGalore irrespective of what theme you pick.


Each and every website builder comes with an enormous share of plugins. Most of them are third-party plugins. But with SiteGalore, you get to work with plugins that are their own. As a result of this, it is well-optimised, bug-free and frequently updated. At the same time, these plugins promise a safe and secured functionality. 


Be it any product, software or hardware, the level of customisability holds key to any business. This is significantly important for a website builder as well. Be it end -users or a website builder resellers, a website building platform with multiple customisation options is widely preferred. SiteGalore has tons of customisation options available when compared to WordPress. You have several Add-ons and customisation features to play with.

If you are looking for a private label website builder platform to build attractive websites for your clients, hope the above-discussed points help you zero in on the right choice. But keep in mind, an ideal website builder reseller program should provide easy as well as future proof options to build websites.