How Important is Website Design for a Business?

“Face is the Index of Mind”.

A website is the Index of your Business. Through a website, any company can communicate to its audience and site visitors as to what products and services they are providing. And most people before reaching out to a company, do check their websites. This is key to both B2B as well as B2C companies. And there is a design format which companies relating to certain businesses need to adhere to. For example, a courier company should have scrolling screens in their website, providing information on what all services they provide, which locations they cover, contact information and link to track details. This varies from business to business.

SiteGalore provides you with lots of website designs and can prove key to reseller website builders. A reseller website builder will be having a lot of customers belonging to different business spheres. These customers will have different requirements for their website design. And with SiteGalore, you have plenty of options to choose from. Be it a fitness centre, a medical centre or a bike remodelling business, SiteGalore has plenty of website designs you can choose from our design gallery.

Even if there are slight modifications to be made, a simple drag and drop functionality can serve your purpose. Each and every business is unique, even if they relate to a particular business plot. Take a look at the websites of Airtel and Aircel. Both of them are Telecom companies. But their website design is totally different. Even though both companies highlight their offers, their choice of words and options displayed on the home page are totally different. The ability to choose from different templates and then make suitable corrections through simple controls makes this a great website builder for resellers.

SiteGalore has added plenty of new website designs recently which would definitely benefit reseller website builders. The web designs along with how it will be displayed on a desktop, tablet or mobile are shown. So if your customers want a revamp or if you want a new website built for your client, pay a visit to SiteGalore.