SiteGalore is a white label website builder which helps website builder resellers build websites for their clients and manage all of them in a single space. You can build custom packs that adhere to different industries and fix prices for them. For example, you can create an e-commerce pack that comprises of tools to create the best e-commerce website for clients. If you are handling multiple clients, managing their websites manually and keeping track of them in Excel Sheets is a tedious task. SiteGalore as an effective website builder reseller program helps resellers have a constant eye over their customers in terms of what package they are currently using, active customers and those who have deleted their account. The website builder resellers can upgrade packs for the customers depending on the requirements.The specialty with SiteGalore is that you can switch to other packs instantly and not wait for a certain time span to make changes.

The admin panel of website builder reseller program SiteGalore is easy to use. You find all the options you want in a single window. You can not only manage your clients’ websites but also make corrections from easily accessible menus. You can add footers and banners to your client website in no time.You can also add sign up forms for your clients based on the clients they serve. These forms can be customized based on specific countries.

Sending trial period notifications or payment date notification works like a breeze in the reseller website builder SiteGalore. You can set specific dates on which your tool will automatically send reminder emails to the clients to make payments. This comes in handy when you are managing multiple clients. You might miss on certain clients payment reminders as human errors are unavoidable. With white label website builder SiteGalore, you can automate reminders. You can even send multiple reminders for a particular client. For example, if the service trial period ends on 30th of March, you can send the client mails on 21th and 26th saying there are just 10 and 5 days respectively to make the renewal. This functionality works well for even longer time frames.

SiteGalore also comes with tons of Goodies that make clients’ websites stand out from the overcrowded competition. You have options to add locations, banners, photo album, guest book and also monetize your website using easy functionalities. Visit website builder reseller program SiteGalore to build websites and manage them in the most user-friendly way!