Gone are the days when businesses wanted their websites created through extensive coding and programming languages. Website builders have come a long way in the last few years making it a wise reseller business option. There are lots of white label website builder flooding up the internet space. Picking the right one is crucial as it provides the means through which website builder resellers can build their client websites. 

Each and every private label website builder comes with its own share of features. It is a must for website builder resellers to analyse these features before subscribing to the service. Here are few must-have white label website builder features that website builder resellers need to take note of:

Comfort of Use

The primary reason for the existence of private label website builder is that it consumes lesser time for building an entire website. The easier the user-interface,  quicker will be the website creation process. An ideal Private label website builder should be easy and straightforward to use. All the options should be easily accessible and self-explanatory for even new users to make full use of it. 

Quality of Design Templates and Themes

A website builder for resellers should provide ample of design templates and themes for website builder resellers to work on. Any website builder reseller will have to work with multiple clients belonging to different business spheres. And for dealing with clients belonging to diverse clients, website builder resellers will need to have clusters of design templates and themes to work on.

e-Commerce Solutions

Most businesses are looking to build an online platform to sell their products on. If a white label website builder provides the functionality of adding a shopping cart, online payment portal and space for uploading high-quality images, website builder resellers can make full use of it. Moreover, there are several private label website builders that provide website builder resellers with the ability to create a full-fledged e-commerce website. 

Website Design Customisation Options

Most white label website builders don’t come with customisation options, thereby leaving website builder resellers with what is left out of the box. But a proper private label website builder should let resellers change the look and feel of the website. The website builder reseller should be provided options to change the layout, colour, font, background and much more. 

If you are looking for the best white label website builder with all the must-have features, SiteGalore should be the optimal choice. SiteGalore has tons of design templates and customisation options to work with. The inbuilt image editor option helps users edit images before uploading them onto the website. There are lots of other goodies too for website builder resellers to work on. Visit SiteGalore and build unique responsive websites for your clients in no time.