The competition among companies serving as hosting service provider and white label website builder platform is intense. Companies under the same roof do find it difficult to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition. And this intense competition is actually good from a customer standpoint. Customers get a wide range of options to pick from and they are definitely going to be benefited in the long run. These website builder for reseller platforms keep reinventing themselves to stay well alive in the competition and this is good news for resellers as they will be able to meet their client requirements much more effectively. 

When it comes to using a private label website builder platform, resellers need to be more particular about the level of personalisation they get within the platform. To put it in more simpler terms, to what extent you can take this platform to make it all your own. This is where most companies face setbacks. Resellers aren’t given too much of personalisation options to work with. The most ideal scenario would be to let resellers create their own custom packages, set their own pricing and have the flexibility to make changes to the packages based on customer requirements. Most of the customers look for a free trial option and this is a feature which is lacking in major reseller website builder platforms nowadays. When all these checkboxes are ticked, only then will you be able to move past the competition.

Coming to the next big topic – Value Added Services! Whenever we make comparisons between products or services belonging to the same category, we definitely take a look at the value-added services that each of them provides just to make our decision-making process a lot easier. This decision-making scenario remains the same when it comes to resellers picking the right website builder reseller platform for their reseller business. Most of the website builder reseller platforms come with predominantly the same set of features. You have plenty of designs and templates to play within any website builder you pick. But it is the level of customisation and goodies that give a website builder the edge over the others. 

Most of the companies look for SEO-friendly websites in the current digital age. This is mainly because Google prefers SEO-friendly websites over the less optimised ones. You need to have faster page loading times and mobile-responsive designs to reap out the entire benefits of online marketing. Luckily, if you have picked the right website builder reseller platform, then this issue is well sorted out. An ideal white label website builder should provide you with not only tons of design templates relating to diverse industries, but it should also provide you with a well-optimized design to work with. 

Making the white label website builder your own

What if a private label website builder provides you with all the above-mentioned features, customisation options and goodies but doesn’t let you access these options in an easier way? This is why “ease of use” should be taken into serious consideration when picking a white label website builder for your reseller business. This is an often-overlooked factor but is very important from a reseller standpoint and the perfect blend of all these four factors is only going to make the website builder reseller platform your “own”!