Ok, let’s get it straight. We have got to the point where we can build an artistic website with lots of functionalities easily using a white label website builder. We no longer have to rely upon programming and coding experts to get a website designed. But it is important for a private label website builder to keep innovating and inventing new ways of adding values to website building. This is where custom page layouts could be of great meaning to any website builder reseller

A reseller relies on a platform that helps them meet the website requirements of their clients with ease. Be it features, goodies and customisation options, all of it needs to be frequently updated to stay relevant to the market competition. The ability to work with custom page layouts makes website building a more joyful process. It is the general concern of most of the website builders that they aren’t able to make changes to individual pages of the website once they’ve set the main website design and template. What if you could customise each and every page of the website according to your own wish? This is where custom page layouts come in handy!

Different pages obviously need different layouts to work with. For example, in the about us section, you will need a layout where you can add the profiles of the company people. In the contact us page, you will need to add the contact information and mailing address of your business and also social media icons. All of this and lots more can be done easily using the layouts option available on a modern-day website builder for reseller. If you want to create a gallery page full of images, even that can be done using suitable templates. 

It is the combination of features, personalisation options, goodies and the convenience to work that makes any website builder stand out from the competition. Most importantly, you should opt for such a website builder reseller platform if you need to build your reseller business effectively.