For most companies, a website and Facebook have specific roles. A website is considered as a platform to share information about the company, products/services, contact information, company location and so on. Facebook is seen as a supporting platform which helps companies get closer to customers through frequent posts and interactions. However, building top-class websites has become a lot easier using a white label website builder. A private label website builder comes with tons of design templates, customisation options and features to make website building process a breeze. 

Here is a list of few points that will help you understand the major differences between a business website and Facebook page:

Ownership and Control

You own your website. As a website owner, you have complete control over the website. With Facebook, you are dealing with a third-party site. The terms and conditions of use usually vary every now and then. The privacy of our content is also not fully ensured.

Design Changes

With a Facebook page, you are stuck with a fixed layout. Only a few information can be added within the specified limits. On the other hand, with your own website, you can do anything. Especially if you are working on a reseller website builder, you can work on any design template you desire. The design template matching the needs of the business can be picked. With the goodies and customisation options available, any desired website can be built easily.

Ease of Use 

While both the platforms offer ease of use, a website has additional functionalities than a normal Facebook page. This makes it easier for website visitors to interact with the company and gain in-depth knowledge of the offerings of the business. 

A website stands tall as the preface of a company. However advanced social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter get, it cannot replace the presence of a business website. A business website is a reflection of the valued online presence of the company. Seeking the help of a website builder reseller, any type of attractive and interactive website can be built easily.