The most prominent reason why companies preferred a custom-programmed website over the ones built using a website builder is the range of choices they get when building a website. However, things have changed over the years. With massive advancements brought about in a white label website builder, they can match the standards of a custom-built website. Whatever be your website requirements, you can meet it with ease if you pick the right private label website builder

A website builder for reseller comes with tons of themes and templates that help meet the website requirements of companies. These designs are optimised to use across all browsers and devices. The website builders let the user pick content layouts that match their business concern. Users can pick the desired layout and build all the page sections of their website within minutes.

Forms are crucial for websites. Through a reseller website builder, a user can add captcha forms wherever required. This helps companies generate leads through these forms. With the ability to add forms of any desired layout, a website builder paves way for interested people or companies to leave their information back. 

Social Media is the best possible way to narrow down the distance between a company and its customers. A website supported by social media platforms offer a great marketing space for companies. With a website builder reseller platform, you can have social media icons placed in your desired position. This will encourage website visitors to visit the social media pages of companies as well.

The shortcomings that were associated with a website builder platform have been totally set apart. Users are now able to change the layouts of websites with their preferred background image and text layouts. There are plenty of default text layouts available in the website builder tool which can be inserted in the specific pages of the website. The background of the website can be changed to the preferred colour of choice and animations can be added to the layouts.

Photos form an important part of a website. It is the best possible way to convey information to the website visitors. With an efficient website builder, you can add photo galleries to your website in any section. You can also add buttons of any size to the website. Moreover, these buttons can be made of any colour and provide custom links to the desired pages. With the recent updates rolled on to our website builder platform, users can meet even their most complex website requirements with ease.